How to Add or Edit a Page

First log in to the WordPress backend or ‘dashboard’. Once logged in you’ll see a menu on the left hand side, which is a list of all the various things you can do in WordPress.

  1. Locate the Pages tab and select the sub-option ‘Add New’.
  2. In the next screen at the top of the page, give your page a name.
  3. In the large text editing area, you can write your page’s content, including adding any images. (See this article about using the WordPress post editor).
  4. In the right column, you can select whether this page should be a child or sub-page of another page.
  5. Finally, you can tell WordPress whether the page should be published straight away, or saved as a draft to continue working on later. You can also set the page to be password protected, or only available for logged in users to see.

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